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The orphanage Vorosa Ashram is located just outside a small settlement in Mangarajpur. The rural area north of the second largest city of Orissa is characterized by rice fields, livestock farming and small Hindu temples.

Orissa is located in the southeastern part of India and is characterized by tribal areas. The poverty of the state stems not least from the coastal location, which carries the risk of severe storms and floods in the monsoon. Cuttack is one of the largest cities with about 600,000 inhabitants and is located near the capital Bhubaneswar. The institution was built on a large piece of land in the rural area around Cuttack and is framed by two villages.

India - Odisha - Cuttack - Mangarajpur

The location between the two villages also facilitates the girls' daily way to school: The elementary school lies in the nearest village to the north, which is within walking distance. The older girls attend high school in the nearest village to the south, which is slightly further away, therefore mostly reached by bicycle. The proximity to the two villages also animates the exchange with their inhabitants and thus serves the integration of the institution into the local communities. Often visitors come by to help out at the orphanage or just to enjoy the beautiful garden and lively atmosphere.

Chabila being awarded as best social worker in the region
Chabila being awarded as best social worker in the region

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