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act!orissa e.V.'s long-term aim is to help the Vorosa Ashram ("home of hope"), an orphanage for 50 girls from the poorest communities, to gain independence from foreign donations, by helping to construct the minimum requirements necessary for the Government of India to finally assume state-funding for this important institution.

This requires foreign investment in the construction of a new building according to state requirements, and a protective wall, as well as establishing ways of self-sufficient sustenance by imparting life skills like horticulture. This way, act!orissa e.V. helps to provide rural girls and women the prospect of a financially-independent and self-determined life well-beyond adolescence, and as respected members of their local communities.

FuĂźballmannschaft des Vorosa Ashram

We believe in empowering local orphan girls and their regional communities by laying the foundations to provide for their

Your donations can provide a chance to a dignified life for children left behind by impoverished families. Act now, become a supporter and ally!

When act!orissa launched its financial support, the orphanage Vorosa Ashram was almost completely ruined. However, with the help of a local social worker we succeeded in rebuilding and equipping the institution. Now it's about enabling its residents to have a good start into adulthood.

The orphanage, which has been supported by act!orissa for more than a decade, was originally founded by an American Baptist church. However, the Baptists ceased their aid when the missionary in charge died. For the children and the team of the orphanage that was a disaster at the time. During this time, the Indian social worker Chabila Naik of the non-governmental organization TROOP ("Tribal and Rural Organization for Orphans and the Poorest of the Poor") stepped in with his family and a few helpers. With his modest private means, he tried to provisionally maintain the supply of the children. At the time this was an invaluable fix, but in the long run - Naik knew this, of course - an untenable situation.

These options were on the table: Either to find a stable sponsor, or to close the institution. At that time, serendipity and Naik's communicative advocacy helped: He met some German students who traveled Orissa and India, and managed to draw their attention to the desperate situation of the children. They decided to help together, and the rest is history: in 2006, the students founded act!orissa and first helped with the care of the children, later with their relocation and construction works. At its core, the trusting cooperation between Germany and India has remained the same: The Berlin-based association continues to cooperate with Chabila Naik and his organization TROOP.

Girls practicing yoga

Today around 50 girls between the ages of six and 18 live, learn and play in the newly built orphanage in Mangarajpur. A solid house and a vegetable garden were setup with the help the societies’ donations and contributions. The girls not only learn the skills they need to make ends meet locally, but also get a chance to secondary school education. Tutoring, football, karate and music - it's about getting the kids and teens fit for their lives in a society where girls are still more discriminated towards than boys. Therefore, it is especially important to help them develop strong and self-confident personalities.

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