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In the beginning act!orissa was an initiative of students across several German cities. Even today, the society works exclusively through volunteer engagement. Allies are welcome to join in!

In 2006, students from Berlin, Flensburg, Frankfurt, Münster and Cologne founded the association act!orissa. The core of the founding members still persists, with several new volunteers having joined since. As in the beginning, the support of the children as well as the ongoing expansion of the orphanage “Vorosa Ashram” and the promotion of the immediate rural environment are at the center of all commitment. The maintenance as well as reasonable health care are still the most important tasks. In addition, act!orissa arranges work camps to give young people from Europe the opportunity to actively help on the ground.

Some members of the team meeting in Berlin: Sebastian Schmid, Benjamin Klages, Holger Thiel, Miriam Moskopp, Sebastian Huebner, Sandra Zwick
Some members of the team meeting in Berlin: Sebastian Schmid, Benjamin Klages, Holger Thiel, Miriam Moskopp, Sebastian Huebner, Sandra Zwick

With around 900 euros per month, the association finances food supplies and the most needed hygiene items, medicines for the approximately 50 girls, as well as salaries for the staff of the orphanage. In 2016, new toilet facilities as well as solid and storm-proof roofs were installed. The remainder of the money is used for small sustainable projects, such as the purchase of bicycles, so that the girls can visit the more distant secondary schools. Complementary objectives: Expanding the vegetable garden and acquiring cows to give the girls access to fresh milk. In addition, it will then be possible to produce dairy products that can be sold together with the surplus milk - a step into economic independence.

The on-site support is provided by a small team of local staff, including an educator, tutor and janitor. They are led by the Indian social worker Chabila Naik and by his wife Deepali - both are the local contact and confidants of act!orissa. Since the founding of the association, volunteer association members regularly travel to the orphanage in Orissa to coordinate cooperation and maintain personal contact with children and caregivers.

Holger visiting the orphanage
Holger visiting the orphanage

For all helpers, it is clear: The donations and contributions go exclusively into the support of the orphanage. In addition to personal resources, the volunteers invest their time above all. Allies and other interested parties are invited to join in and help out with this project, which has been delivering a proven track record for more than a decade. For all other helpers: act!orissa is a registered association based in Berlin. Donations and contributions are therefore tax deductible.




Holger has studied Social Work and Philosophy and has recently obtained his Ph.D. In addition to act!orissa and philosophy, he makes time for sports activities and his love of motorized two-wheelers.


Martin and Miriam

In 2004 they got to know the children and staff of the orphanage on a trip to India - and afterwards the other founding memebers of act!orissa. They are on board since the club was finally founded in 2006, and take care of donations and public relations, among other tasks. In professional life they work as a psychotherapist for children and adolescents and FAZ journalist, respectively.



Sandra was on site in 2015 as part of a work camp and has since been involved with act!orissa. She studies Business Administration and Japanese Studies in Halle. In her free time she likes to travel and practice sports.



Sebastian also attended the work camp in 2015 and since then has been mainly responsible for the online presence. When not traveling, he works as a web developer and studies Media Informatics in Vienna.



Lena traveled for the first time in 2005 - shortly before graduation - with Kolping to Orissa and found the way to the club. Two years later, she visited the home again on her own. Meanwhile, she works as a judge.

act!orissa consists of about 15 core team members in different parts of Germany and Austria. In short, we will introduce more of our core members here.

Work Camps

In cooperation with the Kolping JGD, a German youth league, so-called workcamps are offered. Young people from Germany travel to India, where they live and work in the orphanage for a few weeks. The workcamps are intended to create an intercultural exchange that benefits everyone involved.

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