Privacy Policy

We don't collect any personal data about readers of our website. Only online donations require some personal information to be processed and saved. To activate the donation form, please confirm the cookie consent banner.

Your personal data

If you have donated using our online donation form, we have access to the personal information you provided via Donorbox, the online donation service. This involves your name, your email address and the donations (date / amount). If you want to know which personal information we have, where or why it was processed, please contact us via You have the right to get a copy of your personal data or request it to be erased.

This affects all the personal data we have access to. Please also read the Donorbox Privacy Policy to see which information they process and how to contact them.


We set a cookie after you agreed to the cookie consent. This cookie is only used to remember your aggreement so we don't annoy you with the banner on every page.

However, cookies are set by third parties when using the online donation form. Please read the Donorbox Privacy Policy for more information.


We are using cookies to make online donations possible.